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Company that helps researchers, librarians, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals find important medical information so that they can make critical decisions to improve patient care, enhance ongoing research, and fuel new discoveries.

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Featured products

Detalhes - LWW Health Library: Oncology

LWW Health Library: Oncology
LWW Health Library: Oncology

Resource which delivers access to in-depth, unbiased expert oncology information that professionals need to develop the best treatment options for their patients.

Detalhes - OvidMD Collection DS

OvidMD Collection DS
OvidMD Collection DS

A clinical, evidence-based tool - designed for physicians - that combines sophisticated search technology and full-text content from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and MEDLINE®.

Detalhes - Acland Anatomy

Acland Anatomy
Acland Anatomy

A comprehensive package of over 300 3D rotational gross anatomy videos produced and narrated by a leading anatomist—ideal for faculty and students in gross anatomy courses or in lab settings.

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